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Student Theses


Details and Results after the release of seatransport in Greece(N.2953 / 2001)
Gagatsi Elisavet
Supervisor: Prof. G. Giannopoulos

Development Prospects of Sea Motorways in the Southeast Mediterranean
Charalambous Georgios
Prof. G. Giannopoulos

Organisation and Financing of Urban Public Transport Systems in the European Union
Spandou Maria
Prof.Ch. Taxiltaris

Examination of transport and passenger characheristics on the OASΘ network
Kroupa Irene
Prof.Ch. Taxiltaris

Analysis of driver warning methods for the prevention of rear, sidelong and head-on collisions
Gaitanidou Evangelia
Prof. A. Naniopoulos

Methodological evaluation framework of advanced systems of traffic management
Ladopoulos Lazaros
Lecturer E. Nathanail

The access of public means of transport.Institutional framework - applications in Greece
Gogas Michael
Prof.A. Naniopoulos

Viable Development from road works
Vorria Eutychia
Prof. G. Tsochos

Environmental effects of air travel
Ketoglidou Despoina
Prof.G. Tsochos

Financial assessment of environmental effects from road transport
Tsanaktsidis Dimitrios
Prof. G. Tsochos

Technical works on the railroad.Peculiarities and quality evaluation
Tzavara Sofia
Substitude Prof. Ch. Pyrgidis

Capacity Calculation of the Railway line of the Northern Greece railway network
Papouliakou Nikoleta
Substitute Prof. Ch. Pyrgidis

Evaluation and Observation of the safety level of a railway transport system
Petridou Marina
Substitute Prof. Ch. Pyrgidis

Candidate and regular driver training: International Experience and a suggestion for an application plan for Greece
Charamis Theodoros
Prof. G. Mintsis

Application of the COBA software on the road network of the centre of Thessaloniki
Euthymiou Konstantina
Prof. Epicure S. Basbas

Technical - Economic study tilematic system expediency for traffic management of the East ring Road of Thessaloniki
Dodos Michalis
Prof. Epicure S. Basbas

Combined strategy in the land and transport systems in urban areas
Dimitropoulos Georgios
Prof. M. Pitsiava- Latinopoulou

Transport system management in an urban area in the event of an earthquake
Balabekou Ifigeneia
Prof. M. Pitsiava- Latinopoulou

Dynamic transport assignment applied on the evaluation of new substructures
Chatzioannidi Theofani
Subst. Prof. A. Ziliaskopoulos


promosyon evden eve nakliyat web tasarım patent