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Information for Candidates

Information for Candidates

τρένοCandidates to the Interdepartmental Postgraduate course on: "Planning, Organization, and Management of Transport systems", for short: Interdepartmental Programme of Postgraduate Studies in Transport (IDPPS-T) can be all those interested who possess a first degree of a University in Greece or equivalent abroad. The specific field in which they have their first degree must be related to the course but this requirement is broadly taken to include a wide range of disciplines and subject of first study. However, those with first degrees in Civil Engineering or Surveying Engineering get the highest marks (in the established system of objective rating of each candidate - see below).

The maximum number of postgraduate students on the IDPPS-T every year is currently set to twenty-two (22) students. Those interested are invited each year by a declaration (announcement) of the Civil Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki normally around the 1st of May. The announcement is published in the Greek daily press of Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, Larissa, Patra, Eraklio(Crete) and Chania(Crete), as well as on the websites of the Departments of Civil Engineers and Argonomist and Topography Engineers and of IMET-EKETA.

The deadline to submit applications is normally set by the end of May. Applications are submitted to the Secretariat of the Civil Engineering Department AUTh, Hydraulics Building, University Campus, Thessaloniki 54124, Greece (1st floor, c/o Mrs. M. Katsi - Tel: +30-2310-995698).

The documents to be submitted with the application (indicatively - please check for each year as they may change slightly), are:

  • Application on a special form provided by the secretary's office of the Civil Engineering Department
  • Ratified copy of the diploma or degree (showing the detailed marks / grades). Undergraduates, who apply before they finish their first degree studies, must submit a certificate of completion of their studies showing the grades they have achieved so far and the likely date they will complete them.
  • Certificate of diploma or degree equivalance by the DOATAP (for those who are from foreign universities)
  • For degrees which have been attained in foreign (non-Greek) universities a certificate of diploma or degree equivalence should be provided by the relevant Greek University degree certification Organization (DOATAP)
  • Certificate of the University showing the analytical grades
  • A CV (curriculum vitae)
  • Certificate of adequate knowledge of one or more foreign languages (for English proficiency) if this is not available the candidate must give a test in English before a committee of the postgraduate course staff (details from the course secretariat)
  • Two letters of recommendation.

The IDPPS-T reserves the right to ask for additional information as necessary, but this will be mentioned specifically in the invitation to submit applications announcement.

The IDPPS-T is taught in the Greek language but there are many lectures Seminars etc which are given in English.

Procedure for selection of the students:

The selection of the postgraduate candidates is made by the Coordinating Committee of the course taking into consideration the following criteria:

  • The grade/mark of the first degree, and/or other postgraduate courses.
  • "Relevance" of the first university studies, the research and vocational experience of the candidate with the scientific fields of IDPPS-T. Normally those with first degrees in Civil or Surveying Engineering are considered fully "relevant".Candidates with first degrees in other "Technological" fields are considered 80% relevant. In Economics, law, and similar as 60% relevant. All other as 40%.
  • Knowledge of the English Language (Proficiency level otherwise written and oral exams at a date set by the secretariat).
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • General personality and experience. This is decided through an interview in front of a committee of professors. During the interview the candidate must show that he / she has the capability and the experience to cope successfully with the demands of the course.

All the above factors are graded and the sum of grades decides the ranking of the candidate. The first 22 are admitted while the subsequent 8 are designated as "reserve" candidates and are admitted in the place of those of the first 22 that may opt out and decide finally not to attend.

Official registration takes place normally between 1st-15th September. Lectures begin on 1st October for each academic year or the first Monday closest to this date. No fees are required for the attendance of the IDPPS-T. During each academic year, 2 scholarships are offered to postgraduate students.

All postgraduate students have the right to apply for the scholarship with the exception of executives, employees and / or professionals of the public and private sector.
Essential requirement for the granting of the scholarship to postgraduate students is the successful completion of all subjects of the winter semester with the average grade of at least seven (7).

 The selection procedures for the postgraduate students to whom the scholarships will be offered, takes place immediately after the completion of the examination period of the first semester. Essential requirement for the granting of the scholarship to postgraduate students is the successful completion of all subjects of the winter semester with the average grade of at least seven (7).αίτηση

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