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Co-organizing bodies

Presentation of the cooperative departments and institutions

 The Department of Civil Engineers Laboratory of Transport Techniques - Section of Transport and Organisation.

πλοίοThe Laboratory of transport techniques has been in force for 25 years and has managed to develop remarkably not only regarding the human work force and equipment but also its activities. In particular, during 1998-2000 research -in a total amount of the budget - brought the Laboratory first in ranking in the whole of AUT. During the previous five years the Laboratory was involved in and hammered out more than 60 investigative works.

 Department of Agronomist and Topographer Engineers - section of Transport and Hydraulic Works.

The research activity of this team/group concerns the hammering out of 30 investigative works during the last years regarding the following subjects : road safety, public means of transport, the handling of traffic and parking, the definition and valuation of the characteristics of vehicles with the use of technology WIM, road pricing, environmental effects of road works, advisability and viability of road works, predictions of transportation demands, transportation and new technology (GPS, GIS etc) road mapping of transportation substructure networks etc.
The assignment vehicles of the works are: The Ministry of Environment, Land Planning and Public Works (MELPPW), The Ministry of Transport and Communications, the General Secretary of research and technology, the Railway Organisation of Greece, the National Roadwork's Fund, the Civil Aviation Service, prefectures, municipalities as well as various General Headquarters of the EU. 

 Institute Of transportation - National centre of research and technology (IMET-EKETA)

The basic goal of the IMET is the conduct of applicable research in the area of transportation, as well as the rendering of services supporting the research concerning matters of operation, organisation, programming, pattern creation, economical analysis, management/administration, technology of means of transport and the effects of land, sea, air and combined transport on Greece. Moreover, the conduct of specialized services and research in the field of transport. At the same time it works with equivalent institutes abroad and similar institutes of the domestic country and it represents the country at various conferences.


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